Amy A. Tekeian

Planning for Everything You Own and Everyone You Love

Client Liaison
(888) 849-5993

Amy is the Client Liaison for Constant Law Group.  She has translated her love of numbers into a passion for people.  This passion is evident in her energetic, thoughtful, and creative style which has guided her into the position of client liaison for the firm.

Amy is the primary contact with clients.  She works closely with each client and their individual situations.  Understanding the unique needs of each person while listening to their concerns enables Amy to foster positive mutually beneficial connections.

Additionally, as a self-proclaimed yogi, Amy uses the philosophy of Namaste-To-All to find balance in all of her endeavors.  One such endeavor is dabbling in the culinary/epicurean arts.  She has created many delicious and diverse dishes, alongside her husband (still newlyweds #2013).  The presentation of her delectable delights provides a platform for her artistic side to flourish as does her sense of style.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University, College of Business.  Her career in corporate accounting and finance began while riding the crest of the dotcom wave and landing her in even keeled corporate accounting waters.  The skills that Amy has acquired in her educational and professional experiences have given her insight and a compassionate ear for helping others.